Wales & West GT 2016
Wales & West GT 2016

Wales & West - NSR Classics Rules 2015:



lmportant - motors must be standard, short can 20,000 rpm shark (orange label), any sign of tampering will result in disqualification, (from the whole series). Motors may be fixed by tape or glued. If a motor performance is suspect it may be subjected to a bench test to establish the rpm - you have been warned!



You may use the Classic tyre in the size that is supplied as standard for the model you are racing or 20x10 16' slick tyres. The tyres may be either Supergrip or Ultragrip only.

Tyres may be glued and trued and treated with oil if required. They must be dry when placed on the track.



Must be standard with all of its parts and can't be modified. White kits must be entirely painted apart from the transparent parts. lt cannot be lightened from standard.


Motor mount

May be standard black or red mount only. (no lowering of motor in mount)

Motor mount screws may be chaged from self tapping to brass metric.


Bearinqs and axles

Must be standard - spacers are allowed to front and rear axles. Maximum axle width of 61mm



Any NSR sidewinder gear of 17.5mm diameter (6030, 6031 , 6032,6033, 6034, 6035,

6036, 6037).



Any NSR guide is allowed (ref 4841 , 4842, 4843, 4844). NSR guide spacers may be used.


Free choice

Body screws, wires, brades.



May be added provided it is securely fixed inside the body and not visible.

lf it is not mentioned above - don't do it. ln case of query please ask!


Cars and parts are available at a specially discounted price for all competitors in the Wales & West. Please ask for details to

Congratulations to the top 3 NSR Classic Drivers for R3:

1st - Steve Jones

2nd - Phil Field

3rd - Craig Jones


Congratulations to the top 3 Super GT Drivers for R1:

1st - John Underwood

2nd - Phil Field

3rd - Craig Jones


Please download the 2015 results below

Microsoft Excel sheet [462.7 KB]
Hereford 2015.xlsx
Microsoft Excel sheet [13.5 KB]
Oxford 2015 (1).xlsx
Microsoft Excel sheet [11.9 KB]
Aberstone 2015 (1).xlsx
Microsoft Excel sheet [461.0 KB]
wolves2015 (1).xls
Microsoft Excel sheet [26.5 KB]
Wales and West Llany (1).xlsx
Microsoft Excel sheet [29.0 KB]
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